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Token redistributions in $EGLD BSC BEP20 with 10% rewards per TX

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Here you can be safe, all liquidity is locked on DxSale for 18 years, all tokens were put into circulation at fair launch, the team has no tokens, and no hidden wallets.

About Metallurgy Gold

What is Metallurgy Gold

A decentralized gold store project was launched on the decentralized international market, Binance Smart Chain (Pancakeswap) called Metallurgy Gold, as the first use with a redistribution mechanism equal to 10% Elrond eGOLD($EGLD) from each transaction to the holders of Metallurgy Gold ($MGLD).
The project is advancing and evolving to create its own decentralized exchange, another currency will be launched in the same ecosystem with a stable price at the same value as gold (gold-pegged), and then the launch of the platform for selling / buying gold, silver and other precious metals along with own NFT Marketplace.
Being decentralized, any individual or company can purchase $MGLD using the Binance Smart Chain currency pair.
The purpose of this coin will have a very wide spectrum, being a redistribution coin, it will be redistributed in the form of regular donations and important for communities in need, the particularities of redistribution are in the following form: 10% Elrond eGold to holders, 3% for marketing and project evolution and 1% for liquidity, with time the buyer to have the opportunity to buy or sell larger and larger quantities.
Those interested are invited on the community group by National Telegram @MetallurgyGoldRO or International @MetallurgyGold.
The team is dedicated and is making great strides to enter this market of the future in force.


Initial Liquidity
Team Wallet

*The entire liquidity has been locked on DxSale for 18 years, the team has not kept any tokens, this is a real fair launch. You can check the lock proof by clicking here - Don't forget to connect your wallet to DxSale, otherwise it won't display.

Fees - 14% tax buy / 14,5% tax sell

- 10% used to purchase $EGLD which
is automatically redistributed to holders

- 3% allocated to the marketing wallet to grow the project.

- 1% automatically added to the liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Total Supply 10 000 000 000

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10% of every transaction is accumulated for rewarding holders Paid in $EGLD PancakeSwap.


Rewards are automatically reflected relative to your holdings; distribution cycle times depend on number of holders in the market.

Token Mecanism

Just HODL $MGLD on Trust Wallet/MetaMask and our contract will redistribute equally 10% per each transaction in $EGLD. Each time a buy is made, contract will accumulate in pending hodler $EGLD due and will redistribute those on each sell.


$MGLD will be exchanged through our DEX and will be used for NFT creations and will open the door to our Buy/Sell physical gold and precious metals platform.

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Our community has always been our number 1 priority.
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