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The most beautiful jewelry are the ones created especially for you and we can make them in the Ruby workshop because we are specialists in making personalized jewelry.

Ruby's creative workshop: the place where the most beautiful jewels are born. Have you ever seen a piece of jewelry that caught your eye and that you were sure you wanted? Do you want to have a pendant similar to the one worn by your favorite star on the red carpet?

Would you like to have a modern version of Grandma's brooch, which she used to wear to the dancing teas she attended, which she said she was always lucky with? Do you simply have a jewelry model in mind that you would be happy to wear to an important event in your life? Or do you want to give a loved one a special piece of jewelry that you know he or she wants?

We can create the jewelry you want in the Ruby workshop!

A personalized piece of yellow, white or pink gold jewelry, according to your preferences. Creating personalized jewelry.

How we go from idea to processIf you are from Bacau or the surrounding area, we will schedule a meeting at one of our jewelry stores (Tic-Tac or Horizon) to determine together what your desired jewelry will look like. If you are not in the vicinity, we will do the following:

1. We will have a discussion beforehand, in which you will give us as many details as possible about how you want your jewelry to be, eventually you can send us 1-2 pictures. We will compile and send you a sketch (simulation) of it.

2. Once we have outlined the model together, our jewelers will start working, and your idea will take shape in their skilled hands. The jeweler will process it, mount the precious or semi-precious stones of your choice and finish it by hand down to the smallest detail. He will polish it with care and skill, using all the experience gained in years and years of processing precious metal jewelry.

3. The jewelry will then be ready to reach you, carefully packaged and ready to accompany you in the beautiful moments of your life.

What if I want to repair or restore a piece of jewelry that is precious to me?

Of course we can help you!

Contact us by phone and we will discuss your project and how we can implement it!

If you are from Bacau or its surroundings, you can bring the jewel to one of our offices, and the jeweler will give you an immediate answer regarding its repair.

Over 25 years of experience in jewelry processing, helps us find customized solutions for each customer.We are waiting for you in the Ruby workshop - the place where your precious ideas can take shape, with our help!