$MGLD Binance Smart Chain token

$MGLD Binance Smart Chain token was created to become the foundation of the entire ecosystem & will be widely used to purchase gold, precious metals along with a variety of other services which will be needed in decentralized era.

Becoming a member of the community and and holder is becoming part of an entire plan, with involvement you can grow with us, reaching out long time opportunities. The proof the token and we, are here to stay, we locked liquidity on DxSale for 18years.

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This cryptocurrency is made to redistribute $EGLD Binance-pegged from every transactions to holders, which will make you become holder of two deflationary coins, actually 3 if you hold also $XGLD wich is redistributing at his turn $MGLD back to holders.

Our contracts are made to be hyper-deflationary, over time the value can only grow, with fluctuations of course.

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$MGLD automatically reward holders 7% $EGLD Binance-pegged and 3% physical/virtual gold for active community.

3% will be used to develop and make METALLURGY GOLD an successful project.

1% will automatically be added to PancakeSwap Liquidity.

Total supply: $MGLD
Circulating Supply:
8,856,637,444 $MGLD
Burn Supply
1,143,362,555 $MGLD